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Bastl Boards / Forrò X

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Preorder! This product will be released at 31 March 2017

Product information "Forró X | Vivary Collection 2017"

The Forró X is here to shred the universe! The Forró X has the same shape and free-ride attitude as the Forró, the difference lays in its unique construction and look. Comprised of a core layer of vertically-laminated poplar / ash sandwiched between sheets of tri-woven basalt and carbon-fibre, the entire board is then finished with our EGEA sidewall laminate. This specially designed sidewall covers the entire board (including the mounting holes and wider on impact points) making it 100% waterproof. The construction of these boards is pure magic and makes them super durable and able to take even the heaviest of sessions.
For this season’s offering, Carlo Vivary has designed our X-Collection board graphics with three powerful shred-wizards.The Forró X is for the progressive, every day shredder who wants to explore their freestyle and speed

100 % waterproof
earth-grounding-energy-absorbing sidewalls
v-lam poplar/ash-core, -Basaltfibres
scratch resistent full grafic on top and bottom

Length: 104.0cm / 41.0 inch
Width: 23.5 cm / 9.25 inch
Wheelbase: 59.0 cm / 23.2 inch - 63.0 cm / 24.8 inch
Wedged rocker: 5°
One flex fits all.

(Every Preorder will shipped with my Melting Skull Bag.)